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The greatest luxury in life is time…

December 31, 2014

Damn it.

It’s 31st December again. Another end of the year. Not getting any younger. When was the last time I blog…24 September 2014. One post in September, one in May, then another in August last year. Pathetic. My belly’s getting bigger and rounder. Eyesights getting worse. Hairline receding quite clearly. Almost balding from the side view. Year 2015 will be my last 30s before the majestic 40s begins.

Still working hard. Still whining like a little bitch. Which I don’t know for how much longer I can do this. The job pays well. But I still feel something is not quite right. Something is still missing. And I don’t know what is that something. If not for the money, or for the fact that I have to pay the bills, I would rather not be working. Probably doing some traveling, volunteering, charity work….or do nothing. I am fine with doing nothing, I guess.

Too many goals. Too many ambitions. There is no focus.

No mercy, cut throat environment. Stiff competition inside and outside of the office. I think Scott Adams got it right when he said goals are for losers. I totally can relate to that.

I don’t want to create another long list of New Year resolutions which I will not complete and most likely will forget by end of January. But I guess I want to be reminded of this gem that I found recently – “The greatest luxury in life is time.” So here’s to no more procrastination, no more mindless wasting time for nothing.

Every seconds matter. Damn it.