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September 24, 2014

Second post for this year. Gila lama tak blog. Even the WP dashboard is all different inside. Bila WP upgrade? As usual time flies with so many things going on at the same time. Really need to stay focus. Not getting any younger. I seriously don’t know what happened with all my time. Macam tak pernah cukup. So many things nak buat, so little time. Or is it really the case? Or memang banyak buang masa, drifting in and out from targets, flowing through daily routines, sedaq-sedaq time dah flies lagi.

Ok let’s try to do this again. Let’s blog at least seminggu sekali. Tengok jadi ker tak. This is my digital bread crumbs on the web. When I am dead and gone, at least ada menantang blog ni for the family to remember me by.

What’s up with Nicholas Cage? Tiba-tiba, sepanjang jalan ada saja poster movie baru mamat ni. Left Behind. Outcast. Gila rajin buat movie. Tapi haram semua movie Cage memang expected hampeh. Dah melalut dah ni. Chiow.