Was at a customer’s off-site workshop where all their IT executive and vendors are brought together for 3 days. The CIO was speaking tonight officiating the event. What I can observed is that there are people who would do anything just to be in the inner circle of the elite club. Macam lalat dok kerumun tahi. If you want to network, that is fine. But tak payahlah over sampai nampak dok shadow mamat tu all the time. Pi mana pun hang dok ekoq dia.

CIO ni pun satu. I don’t know lah. Nak comment lebih pun macam laa kita ni best sangat. But somehow I feel that he is out of touch of the reality on the ground. Dia rasa team dia dah best, dah up to date to the latest and greatest. But the truth is far from it. Obviously, there is a break down somewhere in the chain of command. Someone is hiding somethings from somebody. It was different with another CIO that I used to work with. Dia memang on the ground betui-betui. And he is very accessible.

Lesson learned today – dok atas camna pun, kena ambik tau juga hal-hal kat bawah tanah.


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