I am amazed by some people’s dedication and strong sense of faith. There is this one guy that I know through work. I know him for almost 2 years now. Even on the first day that we met, I think we clicked instantly. So it was easy doing work with him. He would share a lot of details that would be beneficial for my work. And I am grateful for that.

Today, I met up with him after not seeing him for the last couple of months. He went for some operation and was on medical leave. His illness seems quite severe but he is so relaxed about it. We talked for quite some time before he started to share with me his plans. Basically, he is planning to sell everything that he have in MY and move to the Middle East. Bringing along of course his wife and children with him. He is planning to dedicate his life to learning religion and that’s it. This is not main-main. He has visited the country several times, bought some land there, will built a house soon and hopefully it would be ready by end of next year for his big move over there. He showed me some pictures. It was basically a small oasis in the middle of the desert. The facilities are very basic, definitely no air-conditioned shopping complexes and everything seems scarce. But there is the place that he wants to spend the rest of his life, learning about religion and raises his children.

Truly I am humbled with this experience. Here we are chasing all sorts of things in our life, and yet there are people out there who doesn’t really care about material things in life. What matter most is the pursuit of knowledge and faith in God. And I respect him for that.

But to top it all up, he has never ever taken any hire/purchase agreement in his life, whether house loans or motor vehicle loans. Every thing is bought and sold by cash. His reasoning is very simple. He does not feel comfortable with current system and does not want to pay or accept riba. So all this while, every transactions in his life are made by cash only. Much respect again on this.


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