We were in Malacca for the weekend. Just a quick getaway from daily routines. It was not a planned excursion. But we thought it would be best to stay a night in Malacca, instead of going straight to Muar for a kenduri on Sunday. As usual, most hotels are fully booked. School holiday. Dah agak dah. The only room left is the Club Suite at Level 23. The view of Sungai Melaka was quite exquisite from our room. Of course lah kan sebab rate room per night pun agak melampau, tapi boleh claim so takdak masalah.

But I just can’t help observing that despite price yang agak melampau, facility yang best-best ni semua being enjoy by orang lain. The Club Lounge provide free flow of drinks and finger food. Tapi penuh bersepah orang lain. Orang kita cuma me & my wife. And another young couple with their kid. So about 5 person out of almost 30 people. That’s like 16% rate. Serius pathetic. Then during breakfast pun sama. Penuh bersepah orang lain. Orang kita just angkat pinggan or tuang kopi.

We are really falling far behind. Depa cuma about 25% of the population, but reaping all the good things that being offered here in the so called land of milk and honey. Kita yang ramai bersepah-sepah, tapi masih buat kerja-kerja yang tak bawa kita ke mana. Masih dok nganga. Masih dok bergadoh sama-sama kita. Masih dok dengki, khianat. Masih berangan. Masih malas. Masih nak senang cepat. Masih kena tipu hidup-hidup depan mata. Kena kencing kat belakang.


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