Balik kampung

Cuti Wesak on the 24th. Pagi at 5 am dah gerak balik kampong. It’s good to be back. To freshen up and gather your thoughts.

Saturday morning. Brought the three important ladies in my life for a road trip. First we crossed the island with ferry “Pulau Pinang”. Yup, memang nama ferry tu ferry Pulau Pinang. Not Pulau Angsa or Pulau Ketam kaa apa. It’s been a while since we took the ferry to cross the island. We are on the second level, so ferry ni memang both levels are occupied with cars. Dah cross over, we drove to Kepala Batas. Makan ikan bakar kat tempat yang aku tak sure nama apa….some says it’s Udang Misai Menangis apa ntah. But I think my pocket yang menangis that day. But it was all worth it. Everyone is having a great time.

After our heavy lunch, singgah tengok brother in law yang tak berapa sihat. Waited for a quite a while juga for him to reach home from the hospital. Nampak dia different sangat from what he used to be. No more macho, big sized, ganas macam dulu. Old age does shows. Well everyone will be like that soon. You may be strong now. Tough. Macho. Then one day, it’s all gone. Fragile. Nak jalan pun kena orang pimpin. My time will come too.

Sunday noon, dah gerak balik. Jam tak hingat. Stress juga, but then stress pun tak guna. Sampai rumah almost 9:30pm. Penat. But I enjoyed the trip. Walau macam mana pun….there is something about that cramp, sometimes macam tongkang pecah house….it is where I grew up. It’s part of my childhood. It’s part of me.


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