The North Pole and Poll

Now where do I begin…

Life’s being a roller-coaster ride as usual. Ups, downs, spinning around, turnarounds and back to starting point again. I am slowly transitioning to a new role at work, was in Seattle for the last 2 weeks of last month and never a day goes by that I feel there is too much information to consume. One interesting part of my journey to the States this time was the fact that I was crossing the North Pole to get to my final destination in Seattle. A pleasant surprise nevertheless.

North PoleBy the time I reached back home in early May, everyone is already feverish about our national election. Both of us did register to vote. It would be our first time to vote. We never had the chance to register or vote previously because we were always out of the country during election time.

The wife did managed to vote this time. I did not. I am a registered voter up north in my home town and was too tired to fly back for the election weekend since I just arrived back from Seattle (excuses!).

I think this election really polarized a lot of people. Everyone…and I mean everyone is talking about politics. At home, at work, within the family, work colleagues, neighbours, even with your circle of virtual friends in whatsapp and what’s not. Everyone has an opinion. But then opinions are like an asshole, everyone’s got one. And their full of shit.

The thing is not everyone is right or wrong. It is just not straight black or white. There are hundred shades of grey. Everyone being so opinionated, passionate about the topic because everyone knows and strongly feels that their future livelihood are depending on the outcome of the election.  And of course you want the best for you and your family. For that matter, I can tolerate all the discussion and sarcasm thrown around. What I find hard to tolerate is the failure to debate wisely. When you don’t have enough information to debate, you start taking cheap pot shots and argue with stupid points of hearsay.

Looking at things around us, I think we will be doomed if we don’t change. I am all about change, but I don’t agree that we need to change just for the sake of changing. We need to change to be better. We need to change for a better opportunity. We need to change ourselves. It’s an easy way out if we keep blaming others for our misery.

For me it’s all about ABC – Attitude, Behaviour and Culture.

You change the attitude, you will change the behaviour. Once you change your behaviour, you will change the culture. Stop being a victim.

See this why I don’t want to write about the poll…..dah start merepek ntah apa-apa ntah.


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