Life without limbs

Last Saturday morning, while having breakfast at McD, we saw a young man on a wheelchair being escort around and taken care by probably his brother or guardian.

I managed to make eye contact with him, everything seems normal at first….until you realized that this young man does not have any arms and legs. But yet he look and act normally, eating his McD porridge and swiping on his iPad with his “elbow”. Watching him made me realized that how lucky we are with what with have…our live, our love, our health, our wealth and yet day in, day out we keep on complaining about this and that. Semua tak kena dalam dunia kita, semua tak puas hati, semua tak betul….or is it? Or kita actually yang tak betul?

I would think that most of us are thankful with what we have…but we are humans, we forget easily and frequently.

I’ve seen this video years ago, but let this be a reminder to ourselves that we should always be thankful with what we have…

p/s: The young man at McD is not Nick as in the video, but his physical condition is the same.


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