Hilton @ Mecca

Reading OutSyed The Box,….obviously there are certain views that I disagree, and there are certain views that I agree….and there are certain blog entries that just boggled the minds even further. But I could not help thinking about what he wrote here, Hilton has arrived in Mecca or the way he put it Mecca has arrived at the Hilton. It is painfully so true that I don’t even know how to react or pretend to react.

Why in the name of Allah S.W.T. do we have such luxuries in Mecca? I mean it’s not just about Hilton, but all those skyscrapers, those mega-malls….why do we need them in Mecca? We go there to pray to the one and only God, to pay respects to our prophets, to redeem and cleanse ourselves, to remind ourselves on our purpose on this temporary journey on Earth….and yet we are bombarded by all those things that we are trying to get away from. I understand if we built the infrastructure to accommodate people, to ease the hardships of trawling under the heat of the desert sun….but seriously a Hilton?

The first time I was there in 2011, I feel so insignificant…so unworthy of myself…because of all the things that I’ve done or have not done as I should. But seeing the massive constructions going on and about around Kaabah, I wonder if being there makes much sense to my limited knowledge and understanding of my faith.


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