In an examination, you know you are doomed too fail if :

  • For the first 30 minutes, you are still reading the questions and have no clue what it is all about.
  • You have the choice to choose selective questions to answer but all questions seem the same to you.
  • People around you have started writing their answers but you are still struggling to even understand the questions. And it’s already an hour into the exam.
  • People around you keep asking for extra papers to write their answers or do some rough calculations, but you still have plenty of empty pages on your answer sheet.
  • It’s a 3 hour writing examination. You are in the 2 hour and you have nothing else to write/do/think. You are passing time just looking at your questions trying to come oout with something, anything.
  • The 3 hours felt like eternity and you don’t want to be the first guy to go out of the exam hall because people might think you are stupid or extremely clever.

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