Hari ni ada company meeting, this time at the office.

This is my second company meeting sejak join this company. Previously, the first company meeting I’ve attended was held off-site somewhere up north of the peninsular. One thing that is really obvious to me is that during company meeting ni ramai yang akan tiba-tiba jadi terlebih poyo. Serius poyo. With over the top presentation slides, hard rock music blaring from the speakers, people jumping up and down in front of the audience. Yes, that’s how the company meeting is held here.

Poyo in the sense of ….aku best, aku the great, we are the best team in the whole organization, our boss is our savior, we can do it, yeah! …. dan segala jenis kepoyo-an yang melampau. I can understand if you are such a positive person and full of enthusiasm, but come on lah….I think this is a little bit too much.

Sampai lawak yang tak berapa lawak pun orang akan gelak macam nak terbalik dunia. Serius suck-up big time.

Well, different strokes for different folks. Gua layan observe as usual.


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