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I forgot to remember…

November 30, 2011

Meet up with an old friend today. He was on a short business trip here. Flew from Melbourne, stayed in Cyberjaya for 2 nights, then fly to SG for another 2 nights then to Manila for a couple more days before returning back to AU.

The last time I met him was probably in February while I was still working together with him in the same company. So there was plenty to catch-up. Mostly talks about how life’s been treating each other, what have others been up to and of course reminiscing funny stories of yesterdays. Talking to him made me realised all over again the tragedy of how I’ve gone from so-called somebody to nobody.

Life’s like that. One day you are at the top, next you are way bottom in the shit hole. One day you might healthy to the max, next day you might shivering macam hampeh with cold fever on your bed. One moment you might be making stupid jokes, obliviously laughing your ass off, and next by the time you realised it you might dead buried six feet under the ground. It’s semacam the law of the opposite. Ada kaa law ni? Aku main bantai saja.

I think you get the point. What I want to state here is that nothing in your life is certain. Nothing.

Health, Wealth, Love, Family, Friends, Work, Everything changes.

The only thing that is guaranteed and certain in life… death. Your only assurance for life is that you are guaranteed death when you are born into this world. The rests are not guaranteed.

But biasalah, kita mudah lupa. Selalu lupa. Kadang-kadang lupa. Buat-buat lupa. Atau memang genuine terlupa.

I forgot to remember to forget. Right?

By the way, masa kami dok lepak sembang…..ada a few tables depan kami, kedai lain, ada satu couple Arab ni. Aku rasa husband & wife. Minah Arab ni bertudung, berjubah…..tapi tengah layan hisap hookah. Puhhhh berdesing asap keluar hidung.

I saw things!