Downtown Seattle

Since I can’t sleep right now, here are some pictures from my walkabout in downtown Seattle last Saturday.

Market paling famous kat Seattle. Semua orang mai sini.

Nala punya udang

Salmon yang melampau besaq

Epal bersalut Coklat. Yum Yum!

Gum Wall. The most disgusting thing in Seattle.

Close up of the Gum Wall

First ever Starbucks. Open in 1912. Gila ramai orang beratur nak masuk.

Orang mogok. Sama macam Occupy Wall Street and other cities in US

Layan Nirvana @ EMP

and of course, the Space Needle.


2 Responses to “Downtown Seattle”

  1. liza Says:

    ni market yang famous lepa akan baling ikan tu ka?

  2. author Says:

    yes, market ni lah. tapi as usual mat salleh ni suka gempaq lebih. tak lah canggih apa pun baling ikan tu.

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