Jalan jalan

My first real jalan-jalan adventure is when I was still in high school. Masa tu Form Four, tengah cuti hujung tahun nak masuk Form Five. One of my best friend at that time is from Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. He wanted to go back home and I shamelessly plug myself in nak tumpang sekaki join balik kampung. I’ve never really been out from Penang ever, the farthest I’ve been is only to Taiping, Perak so this trip was pretty big deal to me at that time.

There is a direct express bus serving from Penang to Kota Bharu but we insisted on taking the normal bus ride from one town to another. They called it “bus lompat”. Hopping from one town to another town, all the way to Kota Bharu. So that’s what we did. We started the journey from Komtar Penang, then to Butterworth, then to Grik, then the next stop is Tanah Merah and finally arrive in Kota Bharu late at night. I can’t exactly remember what time it was but there are no more public bus available to Pengkalan Chepa. The taxi are still around but since we are both students and broke, we decided to walk all the way from Kota Bharu to Pengkalan Chepa. At that moment, I didn’t know that the distance was about 10km. But walk we did, and about two hours later we arrived at my friend’s house. Imagine the surprise on my friend’s parents face when they saw us smiling and sweating in front of their doorstep at midnight.

But that was not the only adventure I had in Kelantan. Another one took place a couple of days later when we visit another schoolmate of ours in Pasir Mas. From Pasir Mas we went to Sungai Golok, we took the bus this time. The purpose of going to Golok was actually to buy some very cheap Thailand-made Levis 501 jeans and sell them later to our schoolmates back in Penang. The jeans are about $8 per pair, and we can sell them later to our friends around $40-$50 per pair. Memang buat duit punya business.

Our friend in Pasir Mas had a relative working at the train station in Golok and would be able to smuggle us into Thailand. The reason I say smuggle is because all three of us do not have international passports, and we are going to illegally cross the border into Thailand and cross back later into Kelantan. Honestly, at that time I didn’t think much about it and feel safe enough to do it. We meet up with the relative at his office at the train station. He then took us over to the back of some buildings, and then we jumped straight into the railway track. From here, we walk on the railway track on top of a bridge over Sungai Golok all the way to Thailand. The border is surpringsly short, about 2-3 minutes walking distance and we are already in Thailand. We were told we have a couple of hours in Thailand and have to cross back at exactly the same spot later. The relative will be waiting for us here to bring us back into Kelantan.

And that’s what we did. We shopped in Golok, bought a lot of jeans and cross over again into Kelantan through the railtrack. Masa tengah dok cross balik tu memang macam pendatang haram, sebab dengan beg galas semua, tangan kiri kanan pula penuh dok usung jeans. Berbundle-bundle. It was really an adventure for me. And to this day, I still regard it as one of my best trip ever.

I don’t know why I am writing this here, and writing it now. I was actually going to write something about the joy of walking but end up merepek kat atas. I was doing a lot of walking in downtown Seattle the last two days and thought I would share. Maybe next time lah kot.


3 Responses to “Jalan jalan”

  1. U Know Me... Says:

    This jalan-jalan kelantan really goes to your heart… I have heard it many times before and now reading it here…That young boy has become a man who has ventured the world 🙂

  2. kakak Says:

    lps tu bwk blk kain batik yg warna striking nk mati sebagai ole2 dr k’tan 😛

  3. liza Says:

    hahaha ingat kain batik tu! ma simpan sampai la ni

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