One of the topics that I am currently learning is about perception in human behaviors.

Perception is to put it simply is the interpretation of information gathered from the human senses. In my text book, perception is defined as “the process of receiving information about and making sense of the world around us.”

But what if you are a handicap person on one of the senses? For example, a blind person since birth. Or a deaf. How can he perceive something that he has never seen or heard before in his entire life? How can he knows this is red, yellow or green? Or any colours for that matter? How can he comprehend the concept of colours, of contrast or of brightness? Can he make a mental note of perception if he have no idea what it is? The same with a deaf since birth person, how can he differentiate or make perception if the sound is very loud or what does something sounds like?


One Response to “Perception”

  1. U know Me Says:

    These special population have a unique way to perceive things..they imagine & understand things using their abstract sense.

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