I heard on the radio today about a wife’s sacrifice to her husband. The husband told his wife that he wanted to marry another younger girl because he feels that his wife is now inadequate for him. They were in their fifth year of marriage. After telling her the news, he was suddenly bedridden because of his kidney problems. So the marriage matter was put on hold. The wife dutifully take care of her husband making sure all the medical treatments are in place, feed/wash him and even basuh berak (that’s what she said!). All of this went on for four months. The younger girl wife to be was not even around during this period. On the fifth month, the husband is now healthy and back on his feet. And the first thing he did was marry that younger girl. By this time the story was cut short on the radio because the caller (the first wife) was crying uncontrollably.

Whether the above story is true or not, it doesn’t matter. What matter is how can a man do this to his wife after all that she has done for him?

Unless he is mentally unstable or mandrem sebab kena buatan orang, then this really tak masuk akal. Gila kejam. Serius tak berhati perut punya manusia.


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