In the office where I work, there is this big colourful mural showcasing the beginning and many successful journeys of the company here in Malaysia. This employer of mine is an American multi-national with revenues in the millions yearly.

One of the pictures there really shows the sad reality of race equality in Malaysia. There are about 20 people in this one particular picture of the pioneers of the company, but yet there are none from the local native. OK, probably just one guy. But then I am not 100% certain also. He might as well be another Chinese guy that looks a bit like a Malay. Even if he’s a Malay, he is one out of the twenty people in that picture. That’s 5%. Seriously pathetic.

Also do we take notice that all the lady cleaners for the offices, factories, universities, etc…are all either Malays, Indons, Banglas or Indians. I have never seen a Chinese lady cleaners before. Maybe it is just me. But as a so-called minority race for Malaysia, the Chinese are doing really good.

You can called me a racist but I am just stating the obvious here. I don’t hate them for their success.

I just hate the Malays who are lazy, back-stabbing and blinded by lost opportunities in front of them.


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