According to The Star, the Govt decided to register and keep track of illegal foreign workers starting July 11 this year. It’s about time I would say so, or probably a bit too late some would say. But for me obviously this is better than nothing. I think for a small country like Malaysia, with about 28 million population as of 2011, to have about 1-2 million of illegal foreign workers is just ridiculous. We may lack the local workforce needed but these workers should not be illegal in Malaysia. Either make them to be legally able to work here or send them away back to their home countries. It should be straight black and white decision. If we are undecided, or lack the will power to implement any action to resolve this, sooner than later Malaysia will be flooded with these illegal workers as what we can see nowadays.

Making them legal have many benefits; we can track and monitor them, impose some tax/charges to their employers and at the same time make sure they are well taken care of. In a way, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. So the decision by the Malaysian government today is indeed applauded by all. Now let’s see if this exercise codenamed “6P” will be a reality and deliver the results as anticipated. Or it will be just like many other countless “hangat taik ayam” exercise in Malaysia.


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